Shop For Good

As a Prestige Shopping Co member, you’re helping change the lives of disadvantaged women and their families.

A portion of your Prestige Shopping Co membership will go directly to our Shop For Good initiative which supports national charities.

Giving back to our community is non-negotiable and with your support of Shop For Good, we can ensure all women are supported, nurtured, and empowered in the way that they deserve.

Prestige Shopping Co Proudly Supports

Supporting survivors of domestic violence re-build their lives with purpose, dignity & hope

Friends with Dignity is a volunteer based not-for-profit registered charity that provides practical programs to assist survivors of domestic violence in collaboration with refuge and crisis centres.

Did you know…

In Australia, domestic and family violence is disturbingly common. It is one of the main drivers of homelessness among women, children and men.

Domestic and family violence involves abusive and violent behaviour towards a partner, former partner or family member. It extends beyond physical violence, and can involve actions that control, humiliate or scare the other person or people in the household.

National statistics can help us understand the gravity of the situation, but alarmingly, many victims of domestic and family violence will never report their experience. With many incidents going unreported, domestic and family violence may be much worse than we think.

Image reads “One in six women and one in sixteen men in Australia have experienced violence by an intimate partner. (AIHW, 2018)”

As a domestic abuse survivor, Prestige Shopping Co’s Founder Amanda is committed to giving back to female-focused initiatives through the Prestige Shopping Co experience. Prestige Shopping Co is a corporate sponsor of Friends With Dignity and donates a portion of each membership to helping this worthwhile cause that disproportionately affects women.