Meet the Founders


When Amanda can’t find what she’s looking for on the market, she creates it. After incredible success in the beauty industry, Amanda is returning to her e-commerce roots to create unforgettable shopping experiences.

When researching available rewards clubs, they felt like just another boys club to which Amanda and her friends weren’t invited. So, in classic Amanda fashion, she created what she couldn’t find and a shopping haven for women of all kinds was born.

An opportunity to communicate directly with women like herself, Amanda knew Prestige Shopping Co had to stand for more than just amazing brand deals. As a domestic abuse survivor, Amanda is committed to using her entrepreneurial flair for good once more by giving back to female-focused initiatives through the Prestige Shopping Co experience.

“From interest rates, rent, groceries, to even that flight you’ve been keeping your eye on recently, it’s never been more important to find the best deal possible. We exist to not only help women find those bargains on their everyday essentials but thanks to our giveaways, potentially change their lives too.”

– Amanda K.


Myles’ entrepreneurial spirit has always had community at heart. From his passion for volunteering, and time on local chambers of commerce to roles on various state and federal business boards, Myles has dedicated the past 27 years to bringing people together.

Today, he continues to build brands with heart that make “going to work” feel like so much more. Merging his passions for technology, philanthropy and being a driver of positive change in the world, Myles is incredibly proud of what Prestige Shopping Co stands for and delivers.